Bovine Bargains: Jersey Cow Price in Odisha 2023

Wondering about the jersey cow price in Odisha?
In Odisha, a region known for its rich agricultural industry, the price of a Jersey cow can often turn out to be a burning question. Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered for you in this comprehensive guide.

Jersey cow prices in Odisha

The first requisite when considering the addition of a Jersey cow to your farm is knowing the price. For a full-grown Jersey cow in Odisha, you can typically expect a range between INR 30,000 to 60,000. However, prices can notably vary depending on several factors.

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  1. Size of the cow
  2. Health and age
  3. Milk production capacity

Did you know? Jersey cows are renowned worldwide for their high milk production, often outperforming many other dairy breeds.

Factors Affecting the Jersey Cow Price in Odisha

Health and Age

Unsurprisingly, the price of a Jersey cow escalates with its health and age, affecting the overall cost. Healthy, young cows are more expensive compared to older ones due to their longer productive lifespan.

Milk Production Rates

The crucial component defining a cow’s worth is undeniably the milk production rate. A higher yield invariably implies a higher price.

Market Conditions

Largely influenced by supply and demand dynamics, market conditions significantly sway the price. Preferred cow breeds may fetch higher prices.

Mandatory veterinary checks

Veterinary checks can impact pricing, as cows passing these checks are deemed healthier and hence tend to be more expensive.

Why choose a Jersey cow for your farm in Odisha?

Jersey cows boast numerous advantages that justify their pricing. They offer uniquely rich and creamy milk, are highly adaptable, and possess significant disease resistance.
Considering these factors, choosing to invest in a Jersey cow proves to be a profitable deal owing to its rich milk yield and durability.


Remember, it’s not just about counting pennies when it comes to purchasing a Jersey cow in Odisha. Consider longevity, health, and milk yield to ensure you make a worthy investment.
To wrap it up, the price of a Jersey cow in Odisha varies on several fronts. But no matter the investment, these amicable creatures are undoubtedly worth every penny.

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