How Much Does a Jersey Cow Cost in Maharashtra? – Price 2023


If you are a dairy farmer in Maharashtra or even just a common man who’s had a tinge of curiosity about the price of a Jersey cow in Maharashtra, then you are at the right spot. This piece is brimming full with information pertaining to the cost of a Jersey cow in Maharashtra, and the factors that sway it.

How Much Does a Jersey Cow Cost in Maharashtra - Price 2023

Jersey Cow Price in Maharashtra

The heart of the matter is, buying a Jersey cow in Maharashtra typically costs between INR 50,000 to INR 85,000. Quite a range isn’t it? The price varies by many factors such as age, health status, milk production capacity, and even the place of purchase.

Age and Health Status

What’s in a number? When we talk about the age of a Jersey cow, I’ll say a lot. Older cattle generally have a lower price tag than the younger ones due to their less productive remaining lifetime. A cow’s health status and breeding history too can tip the scale when it comes to pricing. A healthy cow with a proven reproductive record is generally prized higher.

Milk Production Capacity

Could more milk mean more money? Yes, indeed. The peculiarity of Jersey cows is their high milk yield. A cow producing more milk will naturally fetch a higher price. So, if you’re planning to buy a Jersey dairy cow, make sure you do your dairy math right.

Place of Purchase

Does the place of purchase matter? Yes, where you buy your Jersey cow from can affect the price. Private farms often set higher prices due to the superior care and attention given to the cattle, compared to community sales or auctions where prices tend to be lower.

Is Investing in a Jersey Cow Worth it?

Now that you know the Jersey cow price in Maharashtra, you might be wondering if it’s worth the investment? Given their high milk yield and lower feed requirements, investing in a Jersey cow could be a gold mine over time. Moreover, the Jersey milk being rich in protein supports the production of value-added dairy products, which indeed could be a commercially rewarding venture. So, can owning a Jersey cow be profitable for dairy farmers in Maharashtra? The answer seems to be a strong yes.


To conclude, Jersey cow price in Maharashtra is influenced by several factors and it is very important to know them before making a purchase. And in terms of investment, a Jersey cow seems to be a good bet for expanding your dairy business in Maharashtra.

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