Jersey Cow Price in Assam: An In-depth Overview


When bidding adieu to the hustle and bustle of city life and saying hello to the quiet countryside, it often comes with the idea of owning a farm. For many in Assam, the dream of farming gravitates towards the dairy sector, and jersey cows become an inevitable part of the story. So, what exactly should you expect when it comes to the Jersey cow price in Assam?

Jersey Cow Price in Assam An In-depth Overview (1)


Jersey cow price in Assam

The Jersey cow, a breed famed for its higher butterfat content in milk, originates from the island of Jersey in the UK. Assam’s dairy farmers have since fallen in love with these cows, which offer a wonderful blend of high productivity, exceptional milk quality, low feed intake, and easy adaptation to the region’s climate. But then, how much should you save for the Jersey cow price in Assam?

Now, the price mainly depends on the cow’s age, health, milk production capacity, and the seller. However, on average, the Jersey cow price in Assam ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 60,000 per cow. But wouldn’t you like to know why this price is justified?

Why are Jersey cows so popular in Assam?

The breed’s traits make it a preference for many Assamese dairy farmers. The following advantages make every penny on the Jersey cow price in Assam seem like a good investment:

  1. High milk yield: On average, a Jersey cow can yield between 15 and 20 liters of milk per day, making them a lucrative option for dairy farmers.
  2. Quality Milk: The milk is rich in butterfat and proteins, thus making it suitable for making various dairy products like cheese, butter, and cream.
  3. Adaptable to climates: Renowned for their adaptability, Jersey cows adjust well to Assam’s variable climate.
    Even with these advantages, is the Jersey cow price in Assam worth it, considering the maintenance costs?

Maintenance Costs of Jersey Cows in Assam

When calculating the full cost, consider the following:

  • Feeding Costs:¬†Jersey cows require high-quality feed, especially because of their large milk production.
  • Veterinary Costs: Regular check-ups and vaccinations are essential to keeping the cow healthy.
  • Housing Costs: Adequate shelter is needed to keep cows safe from the elements.
    Thus, when contemplating the Jersey cow price in Assam, it’s crucial to also factor in these additional costs.

In Conclusion

In essence, owning a dairy farm in Assam with Jersey cows as your dairy producers can be a beneficial business. The Jersey cow price in Assam may seem like a significant initial investment, but the returns you get over time, both in monetary terms and the satisfaction guaranteed by this calm breed, make it worth the gamble.
So, are you ready to place your bet and make this worthy investment to boost your dairy farming venture in Assam?

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